About Marlin

I am a former Technology Executive who left Corporate America to pursue my passion of empowering females to reach “their” definition of success while living their lives with balance, joy and peace. I am a National Motivational Speaker, Author, Vocalist and CEO of Soul Support and Knowledge Brokers, LLC.

Through the “No Excuses Movement”, Soul Support’s mission is to motivate women to stop making excuses for not living the lives they want,  encourage females to explore the field of technology and entrepreneurship, and empower young girls to believe in themselves, celebrate their uniqueness and participate in public service.  Knowledge Brokers is a Technology Recruitment and Strategic Diversity Consulting Firm.

I have had a successful career as a Deputy Chief Information Officer, Director of Diversity and Business Development, Organizational Development Director, Human Resource Director, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Coach.  As a Deputy CIO for a large metropolitan city, I successfully managed a $30 million dollar budget and 500+ employees.  My team and I successfully developed the first e-government initiative, which allowed 900,000+ citizens the opportunity to engage city government via the Internet.  During my tenure at a Fortune 100 Company I was asked to serve as the Corporation’s first Director of Diversity and Business Development  where I developed and implemented the first diversity initiative in the corporation’s 30-year history.

When I left my very lucrative job many people thought I had lost my mind.  How dare I believe in myself, how dare I think outside of the box, and how dare I finally decide to stop making excuses for not living the life I wanted?  In the span of a few short years I have created a company that exceeded any salary I have ever had and most importantly I was finally doing what I wanted with my life!

At the age of nine, I was 5’6 and wore a size 10 shoe.  I was often teased me about my height, big feet, for being an unrealistic dreamer and was constantly told that I was cute although my skin was so dark.   It was not until college that I realized how those comments dictated many of my life decisions.  I began to feel very inadequate and constantly tried to prove my self worth.

I used those emotions to fuel my new sense of self and put myself through college by working two jobs.  It was not odd for me to work into the wee hours of the morning, sleep in my car, and head straight to class.  This was a trying time, but my self-confidence shot through the roof.  I recorded my first singing demo, but was told that I needed to lose 50 pounds if I wanted to make it in the music industry.  Luckily I didn’t starve myself and the demo caught the attention of Whitney Houston’s musical director, which prompted my move to Los Angeles.  Not being one to wait around for anything, I started a Gospel Choir at the University of Southern California and had the opportunity to work with many musical greats including Montel Jordan, James Ingram, Greg Freeman, Randy Scott and Techno Guru Robert Hood in Switzerland.

One of my proudest moments was being selected as alternate speaker for the late Civil Rights Activist, Coretta Scott King for annual diversity celebration and consistently representing women in the field of technology.

Years later I married the man of my dreams and was raising the most awesome daughter a mom could ask for, yet I still felt empty.   While I was working as a technology executive,  I had my ah-ha moment.  I had gone back to those earlier days of trying to please everyone and play the role that I thought would be acceptable to others.  I realized that life was about choices and I refused to let another 20 years pass, before I started living my passion.  When I decided to stop making excuses I opened myself up to endless possibilities and  a healthier existence.   I now affirm – I am a wife, mom, daughter, Sorority Sister, Technology Specialist, CEO, and anything else I want to be, no more boxes and labels for me!

My book “Always Believe” came about when my daughter began having some of the same self-esteem issues I experienced years ago.  Immediately, I knew that the only way for my daughter to accept herself would be from within.   It was this experience as well as countless conversations with mothers who were going through similar situations with their daughters that lead to my new book.   Always Believe is a book and workbook designed to empower girls to believe in themselves, love themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

I know from personal experience that there is no excuse for not living the life you want.  I’m excited to take this journey with you – Buckle up; it’s going to be an awesome ride!