Speaker – Media Contributor- Technology Strategist

Marlin Page is an international speaker, media contributor, S.T.E.M. Advocate, technology strategist and diversity and inclusion consultant.

Marlin is a recognized thought leader on empowering women and girls in technology and life, bridging the racial and gender gap in technology, eliminating the digital divide and social media responsibility.

As a S.T.E.M. Advocate she travels the world speaking with women and girls about the life changing opportunities in the field of technology.  As the founder of Sisters Code, she’s on a mission to “Awaken the Mature Geek” while exposing women to the world of coding and technology.

As a Technology Strategist, Marlin partners with organizations to develop, manage, and support their internal and external outreach initiatives around S.T.E.M., Diversity and Inclusion, and empowerment for women and girls.

As Social Media Responsibility Expert, she’s often called “Chief Technology Mommy”  as she works with parents, teens, and organizations to expose “real life’ social media stories and tips that potentially impact their careers, educational pursuits, and ultimately their lives.

Marlin has been a featured speaker for Microsoft Corporation, SXSW, Techonomy, Tech Week, Meeting of the Minds, Yes We Code, WDIV, and many more.

Marlin is the author of Always Believe a motivational e-book for girls.  She also recorded a CD Single with a message of motivation for girls also entitled “Always Believe.”

For speaking inquiries contact 313-575-4078 or email info@marlinpage.com 

Marlin Page, founder of Sisters Code, speaks with Joy Reid about efforts to close the 
gender gap in coding and emerging technologies.


Techonomy Detroit - 2015

Techonomy Detroit – 2015

Techonomy Detroit – 2015