Hi,  I’m Marlin 

I’m a Globetrotting Speaker, Panelist, and Media Contributor.  As an Online Safety Evangelist, I’m often called “Chief Technology Mommy.”  As the Founder of Sisters Code, I’m on a mission to “Awaken the Mature Geek.”  As a Technology Strategist, I’m all about empowering women and girls in STEM and Life. I Annihilate Excuses. I am a self-appointed sports expert and undercover comedian.  My intention is to motivate, inspire, mobilize and educate.  I’m simply living my life striving to make a difference.  Yes, I am “Wonder Woman.” (I have the shirt to prove it.)

Techonomy Detroit - 2015

Techonomy Detroit – 2015


Welcome to my “online home.”  My goal is to share and expose “real life” Internet and social media stories to empower parents to keep their children safe online.   I will also share pertinent STEM and Technology Information.  Of course, I will share some “motivation,” and couple jokes or two.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter…


Wonder Woman.... Yes, I was trying to fly.  No, I was not successful!

Wonder Woman…. Yes, I was trying to fly. No, I was not successful!