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Teen commits suicide after leaving posts on Social Media – Remembering Ashley Duncan and Activating our Village….

  Ashley Duncan’s death occurred two-years ago, and it still touches my heart.   The increase of teen suicides and the public way they detail their lives and ultimate death via social media, inspired me to share this story.  My intention … Continue reading

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Suicide and Social Pressure from A Teen’s Perspective: Her message to Parents – ALL Parents should read this…..

        As we continue to honor the life of  Detroit Renaissance High School Senior, Billy Watts, Jr. there have been many teens who have reached out with comments about life, death, their experiences, and what it’s like … Continue reading

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Tribute to Detroit Renaissance High School Student Billy Watts: Life and Death played out on Social Media

I didn’t know Billy Watts or his family personally, but when I was alerted to view his social media timeline, I felt immediately connected to him.  Tragically, Billy Watts, 17, a senior at Renaissance High School in Detroit is no … Continue reading

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New App Monitors Twitter Feeds for Suicide Warnings – Keeping children, teens, and families safe Online

Earlier this week I shared my view of how a child’s online activities and cries for help often foreshadows their offline actions, resulting in a tragedy.  In the past few years there have been many cases where the victims shared … Continue reading

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18-year-old girl commits suicide after being cyberbullied by a shop owner – Keeping Teens Safe on the Internet

Cyberbullying is usually attributed to teens, however we should be aware that it can take many forms.  Unfortunately social media has taken the place of resolving issues, the old fashioned way, as some people have opted to take the cowardly … Continue reading

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