Success Stories

A few months ago Soul Support hosted a seminar entitled “Getting Out of Your Own Way”.  One of the participants – Larmender Davis committed to making some changes in her life.    Larmender by her own right is a “success story”.  Ms. Davis is an accomplished Social Worker, event planner and Founder of a Domestic Violence Agency (just a few of her accomplishments)!  During the seminar she disclosed her desire to earn her doctorate degree and that she had been deferring that dream for a number of reasons.

During the seminar we discussed the importance of having “Accountability Partners”.  Accountability Partners are those people in your life that will remind you of your goals and challenge you when you are not following your dreams.   I am proud to say that Larmender not only talked about it, but she put some action behind it.   Ms. Davis is now enrolled in a Doctorate program and is fully committed to staying the course….  Congratulations and I will be here to hold you accountable!