Although Marlin did not have access to technology programs or mentors while in school, but at the age of 26 she learned to code in seven different languages in 13 weeks, graduating at the top of her corporate program.  Marlin had a strong belief in herself and decided early in her career that she would mentor young girls and women who were interested in the field of technology.
Marlin ultimately became a Technology Executive and Deputy Chief Information Officer for the City of Detroit.  During her time as a Technology Executive, Marlin created the first Diversity Initiative in the 30-year history of a Fortune 500 Company.  The initiative included an internal component which worked to advance women and people of color in the field of technology.  The initiative also included an outreach program targeted at motivating girls and women to consider a career in technology.
Marlin eventually left her corporate career to create a very successful technology staffing and consulting company.  Marlin continues to set standards of excellence while motivating, educating, empowering and mobilizing others.
As a dynamic Technology and Lifestyle Speaker, with over twenty years of hands-on proven business experience, Marlin has been invited to speak, serve as a panelist, media expert and contributor on the following topics:
  • S.T.E.M. Advocate: Encouraging girls and women to consider the field of technology
  • Online Safety Evangelist: Providing practical Online Safety Tips, Uniquely sharing “real life” Internet related stories impacting our youth and Social Media Responsibility Advice to Parents and Teens
  • Always Believe: Motivating Young Girls to Believe” in Themselves, Love Themselves, and celebrate their uniqueness
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Technology and Corporate America
  • No Excuses:  Getting out of your own way and living the life of your dreams
As a strategist and consultant Marlin:
  • Partners with corporations and organizations to develop, manage, and support their internal and external outreach technology related programs.
  • Helps people and organizations manage and connect technology and social media to their brands and projects.
  • Works with organizations to source, recruit and retain technology and diversity hires.
For more information, speaking inquiries, or media appearances,  email: marlin@marlinpage.com, by completing the contact us form on this site or simply calling 313-649-5288.