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Life Coach – Deborah Liverett

Deborah Liverett is a certified life coach and a Senior Vice President in Corporate America. The last eighteen years have been a concentrated effort to live her purpose; that is to educate and inspire the willing people put in her path. Since beginning her career as a human resources professional in the early 1980s, she has helped countless numbers of people personally and professionally. In 2002 she moved into corporate philanthropy. Every career change was done with an intention of helping people discover their potential and passion for living life extremely well. She has been a lecturer, co-leader of Women in Leadership Forums, Vice President of a Professional Development Committee, Global Philanthropic Grant Maker and mentor.

She is a graduate of the Coach Training Alliance and is certified emotional intelligence trainer and coach. Ms Liverett’s company is called LiveLifeCoaching. She writes a monthly motivation article on the Internet and is finishing her first book.

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