Lady Paragons Interview – My journey in technology and how we empower women to re-career into the field of technology










I had an amazing conversation with Sarah Worsham of Lady Paragons during the Women in STEM Podcast.  We talked about my journey from mortuary science to techie, the importance of awakening the mature geek and empowering women to re-career into technology, the Sisters Code difference, bridging the technology gender gap, the importance of walking in the room and “owning it,” and so much more.

Lady Paragons believe that women and girls can and do excel in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They are building a community to tell the stories of women in STEM, showcase Women’s STEM organizations, and provide a platform where ladies can help ladies succeed in STEM careers. Click here for more information on Lady Paragons.

Below you will find the link to the podcast.  Check it out…would love your comments.!

Marlin Page is a Globetrotting Speaker,  Founder of Sisters Code, Technology Strategist- empowering women and girls in STEM and Life, and Excuse Annihilator.  As Chief Technology Mommy, Marlin shares online safety news to keep parents informed of what’s happening in the “online” world. Marlin also currently serves as a speaker for Microsoft’s Global DigiGirlz Program,  has been invited to lead a technology discussion at SXSW’s Interactive Festival and Techonomy.  Marlin serves as a speaker/panelist for a number of organizations. Marlin is also serves on the professional panel for WDIV’s “Live in the D.”  Marlin’s book and Music Single Always Believe, empowers girls to love themselves, believe in themselves, and celebrate their uniqueness.


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