Bomb threat at Grosse Pointe North High School – Online Safety and Social Media Responsibility Tip for Parents

Grosse Pointe North High

Grosse Pointe North High

Classes at Grosse Pointe North High School were delayed this morning after the school’s administration learned of a bomb threat at 7:00 a.m. made by a current student via social media.

Police directed the school’s administration to clear and close the building at 7:30 a.m. At 8:05 a.m., the building was declared safe by the police and reopened.

The Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department located the student at home.  Although the student claimed that the threat was a hoax, he was placed in custody.

“The safety of your students is our first priority,” said Murray in the release. “This sort of hoax is not only disruptive to our students, but impacts all of us on an emotional level. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Quick Tip for Parents:

Of course you can spend money on Internet tracking software, however I always state that the #1 tip to keep teens safe online is “communication.”  Although you think your child would NEVER threaten anyone via social media, I encourage you to take this opportunity to at least have the conversation about this incident.  Teens must understand that in today’ s age of Social Media, “it was a hoax,” or “it was a mistake,” doesn’t exhonerate them from their actions.  They must understand that for every action, there is a consequence.  It might not be a bomb threat, but cyber bullying, unkind comments on social media, or even sharing inappropriate photos, etc.  could all result in life changing consequences for your child.  They must learn to think before they act, as once you say it and/or share it on the Internet..It’s out there!

The communication won’t cost you a thing, but it could change your child’s outlook, help them to report incidents and ultimately empower them to make the better decisions.


Marlin Page is a Globetrotting Speaker,  Founder of Sisters Code, Technology Strategist- empowering women and girls in STEM and Life, and Excuse Annihilator.  As Chief Technology Mommy, Marlin shares online safety news to keep parents informed of what’s happening in the “online” world. Marlin also currently serves as a speaker for Microsoft’s Global DigiGirlz Program,  has been invited to lead a technology discussion at SXSW’s Interactive Festival and Techonomy.  Marlin serves as a speaker/panelist for a number of organizations. Marlin is also serves on the professional panel for WDIV’s “Live in the D.”  Marlin’s book and Music Single Always Believe, empowers girls to love themselves, believe in themselves, and celebrate their uniqueness.


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