Video: 13-year-old Michigan Teen found after meeting an older man “Offline” – Keeping Teens Safe Online

Unfortunately many teens are meeting up with older men “offline,” and many of the stories do not have a happy ending.   13-year-old,  Kendall Leigh Fane, left Levey Middle School in Southfield, Michigan last Monday after telling her friend.  Three days later, Kendall was reunited with her family after Police found her on the East Side of Detroitk.

Fane’s grandparents, stated that they did not allow her to use their desktop computer without permission, however Kendall planned this encounter through her cell phone.  When I speak with parents about Online Safety, I point out that a cell phone is merely a “mini computer” which allows your child to interact with the world..

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Marlin Page is a Speaker and Technology Lifestyle Strategist.  As a global speaker, former Coder and Chief Information Officer Marlin travels the world speaking about Online Safety, S.TE.M. and Technology Strategies.  Marlin is also a global speaker and partner for Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Program.
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2 Responses to Video: 13-year-old Michigan Teen found after meeting an older man “Offline” – Keeping Teens Safe Online

  1. Thank you for this timely information. Gone are the days of sticking our head in the sand or constantly repeating, “I don’t know about all of this technology. We did not have this stuff when I was growing up.” Do you think your lack of knowledge is going to make the predator or pedophile go away? We have to want to know, keep up and be vigilant. I would encourage parents to learn the lingo (online chat acronyms) as well. I work in an elementary school. A 4th grade girl was planning a fight party using Facebook. Her mom was standing right behind her watching. It did not a matter, the girl was using acronyms. Her mom had no idea what she was looking at.


    • marlin says:


      Thank you for your comment! You made excellent points about adults using the lack of knowledge as an excuse to not monitor their child’s Online interactions. I have seen too many lives changed or lost because no one was paying attention. Thank you for sharing and caring.

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