Mom exposes name of 12-year old cyberbully who has been tormenting her daughter

 Anne-Marie Schmidt and daughter MacKenzie take on a cyber bully. Picture: Rob Baird Source: News Limited

Anne-Marie Schmidt and daughter MacKenzie take on a cyber bully. Picture: Rob Baird Source: News Limited

Australian mom, Anne-Marie Schmidt posted a screenshot on her Facebook page of a 12-year old cyberbully’s Instragram posts which targets her daughter Mackenzie.

The post from the 12-year old reads:  “Question – does anyone like Mackenzie? She’s being a b*tch to me, check my photo of all my friends… She commented on it. I HATE HER AND I DONT CARE IF ANYONE TELLS HER!!! HeHe” A number of other children – some of whom are mutual friends of the pair – replied and agreed. One even posted: “She is a b*tch alright”.

Ms. Schmidt said she shared the post to make sure more parents pay more attention to what their children are doing online.

PARENTS:  I DO NOT  agree with Ms. Schmidt’s action, as there are other options to deal with reporting cyberbullying.  Trust me as a mom, I understand her angst, however her actions could yield extreme consequences towards the cyberbully and the victim.   If your child is being cyberbullied, you should print or record the evidence and consider the following actions:

1.  Contact school officials (prinicpal, school board, counselor, etc.)

2.  Contact local authorties.

3.  Contact the parents of the cyberbully.

4.  Most importantly, communicate with your children about cyberbullying.  Talk with them about the consequences of being a bully and actions to take if they are a victim.

Weigh in:  Do you think parents should name and expose cyberbullies online?

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Marlin Page is a Globetrotting Speaker,  Founder of Sisters Code, Technology Strategist- empowering women and girls in STEM and Life, and Excuse Annihilator.  As Chief Technology Mommy, Marlin shares online safety news to keep parents informed of what’s happening in the “online” world. Marlin also currently serves as a speaker for Microsoft’s Global DigiGirlz Program,  has been invited to lead a technology discussion at SXSW’s Interactive Festival, and serves as a speaker/panelist for a number of organizations.


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