Home robbed after teen posts photos of money on Facebook – Keeping Kids Safe Online

Have you ever browsed Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media Site and find yourself amazed at the amount of information people share?  Everything from what they ate for breakfast, relationship woes, to vacation plans.  If you think people are not following your child’s online posts, think again.  Many of them are hoping that your child will share their offline life online.

Last year a 17-year-old girl posted a photo on Facebook of wads of money, as she was helping her 72-year-old grandmother count her savings.  Interestingly the girl was at her grandmother’s home, but later that night two men armed with weapons stormed into her parents home and demanded the money. The girl’s parents live in a different city from where the photo was taken. The girl’s mother told the robbers that her daughter wasn’t home, the men searched the house and took other personal property.  Either the robbers knew the girl personally or they found her on the Internet and tracked the last known address which lead them to her parent’s home.

This is a reminder of the dangers of sharing  personal information on the Internet.  Believe it or not, some people have made a full-time job out of trolling the Internet looking for people who are living out their lives Online.

In our home we don’t leave anything to chance, as we have very open conversations about what’s acceptable to share.  Children (and adults) should never post personal information or share inappropriate photos.  As parent’s its up to us to set guidelines, expectations, and discuss consequences.  Most importantly we must monitor our child’s online interactions.

Marlin Page is a Speaker and Technology Lifestyle Strategist.  As a global speaker, former Coder and Chief Information Officer Marlin travels the world speaking about Online Safety, S.TE.M. and Technology Strategies.  Marlin is also a global speaker and partner for Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Program.

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  1. Steven Lemon says:

    Just think: This 17 year old representative of our country’s future will be voting in next year’s congressional elections.

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