19-Year-Old Woman arrested for operating underage prostitution ring via Facebook – Keeping Kids Safe Online

Courtesy of Global Post

A teenage housewife, known only as “M,” has been arrested in Indonesia after being suspected of running an underage prostitution ring via Facebook.  M, who is married with a child faces 10 years in jail, and could also be charged with child trafficking.

The 19-year-old teen was caught in a sting operation, where she was found with seven underage girls in a hotel room.  Officers pretended to be potential clients on Facebook, where they were able to view pictures and prices for the girls.   The girl’s services were priced between $75 – $150 for sexual acts, with half of that going to the young madam.

The underage girls were recruited in shopping malls in the poorer areas of Greater Jarkata, being lured with the promise of lots of money.  According to the police the girls want to live the life they see in Movies and on TV.

The UN Estimates that 100,000 children and women are trafficked in Indonesia each year, and unfortunately Social Media has made it easier to connect with underage women.  Andy Yertiani, from Indonesia’s National Commission on Violence Against stated that, ”The issue is not how people are using social media but how other systems, economic, education and others, make women vulnerable and see them become involved in prostitution.”

In this case, the young girls socioeconomic status made them vulnerable.   This further proves my point that a young girl’s self-esteem and self-worth is connected to her behavior on and offline.

Parent’s must be vigilante in monitoring their child’s online behavior, but most importantly young girls must believe they are way too precious for any man or woman to take their dignity for ANY dollar amount.

If one girl can be saved just by mentoring or by simply telling her how awesome she is…the conversation is worth it.

Marlin Page is a Speaker and Technology Lifestyle Strategist.  As a global speaker, former Coder and Chief Information Officer Marlin travels the world speaking empowering women and girls in S.T.E.M., Online Safety, motivating girls and women to believe in themselves and Technology Strategies.  Marlin is also a global speaker and partner for Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Program.




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