When a child’s offline actions enters the “online” world – Keeping kids safe online

A 21-year-old Hampton, New Hampshire man has been indicted on charges that he manufactured child pornography and posted the video on YouTube, according to prosecutors.  Police say the video clip was posted on YouTube, and showed two underage teens engaging in sexual acts.

Police began investigating Stephens after a school resource officer told them that a female student complained she found a video of herself online, according to a police affidavit.

Stephens — who was 19 at the time — allegedly met a 14-year-old Massachusetts girl at a beach in May 2011, and recorded her having sex with a 15-year-old male using a laptop web camera.

He later communicated with the female through Facebook, telling her she should “become a prostitute” and could “sell herself” for money, the affidavit says.  Stephens also allegedly told the girl through Facebook that “he wanted money” and could facilitate more sexual encounters, the police affidavit says.  Stephens allegedly told the teenage girl “it’s not that bad,” police said.

Robert Stephens, was indicted on two counts of manufacture of child sexual abuse images and two counts of distribution of child sexual abuse images.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

Kids should understand that their “private” offline activities could show up online for the world to see.  If they allow themselves to be taped, it can easily be uploaded without permission and pictures of your child, can be shared in an instant.

Bottom-line:  Your child should know that their offline actions can easily be shared.  If they would be ashamed for you (their parents) or the world to see it, it probably should not be happening.

Once it’s out there…the damage is done.




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