Missing Teen Found With Older Man He Met on Facebook – Keeping Kids Safe Online

A 16-year old Illinois teen who was reported as missing, is safe and has made contact with his family.  Last Monday the teen left his grandparents home to meet up with an older man he met on Facebook.

Jared Hickle was missing for five days before he contacted his family to let them know that he was with the stranger he met on Facebook, and that he was safe.  Family members stated that it was a very scary five days and the teen could have put himself in a very dangerous situation.

“You think your invincible, I know I was a teenager, parents were all teenagers at one time, but your not invincible. You can’t always protect yourself you can’t always control the situation. Don’t put yourself in that situation,” said family friend April Detmer.

Parent’s this story is  a reminder that it’s important to monitor your child’s online interactions.  Do you know who your child is chatting with, who are their online friends, what are they posting, what are they sharing?  Even if you feel that your child is socially responsible, the conversation around on-line behavior, expectations and guidelines could potentially save them from “offline” danger.

If your child spends extensive time online or if their cell phone is constantly glued to their hand, find out what has their attention.  It’s imperative that we get in their business, have the conversations, discuss expectations and consequences.  Their lives could depend on it.


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