Dad says Facebook predators targeting 6-year-old daughter – Keeping Kids Safe Online

Fulton County, GA.  – Michael Marcinanis set up a Facebook page for his 6-year old daughter, and now says that a predator is targeting her.  Marcinanis stated that he set up the page for his daughter so that she could keep in touch with her grandmother and other relatives.  Although Facebook requires it’s users to be 13, dad lied and registered his daughter’s age as 16.

After Marcinanis’ older son viewed the page and saw two inappropriate messages, including the suggestion of engaging in sexual activity, he alerted his dad.  The message was so graphic it prompted Marcinanis to contact the police.

It’s believed that the predator contacted the 6-year-old after she started playing a game from her page.   When speaking with a reporter Marcinanis stated,  “Obviously she added people to the page we didn’t know abou.t  He’s a 30-year old man, why are you talking to 16-year old girls n the first place.”  Police confirm they are investigating, but could not comment at this time.

Social Media sites have age requirement rules and there is no excuse for breaking them.  It is 100% inappropriate and negligent to set up a profile for a 6-year-old and allow her to use a Social Networking Site without being monitored.   Children aren’t aware of the cyber dangers and many of them are just plain “trusting.”  A 6-year old child should not be put in a position where she has to entertain sexual messages, photos, or any adult conversation.  6-year-old children should be “playing” offline!

If you want your minor child to keep in touch with relatives this can be done a number of ways.  You can share photos via your Facebook Profile, set up a private photo sharing account, use Skype, etc.

It’ s our job to keep our children safe…let’s not make it easy for the predators.

Photo courtesy of WSBTV

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