30-year old man poses as teen on Facebook and “sexts” young boys – Keeping Kids Safe Online

A 31-year old  man from Georgia,  was arrested and charged with multiple sex crimes for posing as a teenage girl on Facebook and “sexting” middle school-aged boys.  Brendan Spaar created a fake Facebook page and portrayed himself as Kinsey Spencer, a 16-year old girl from South Forsyth High School.  Spaar became friends with the boys through the fake profile and convinced them to send him their cell phone numbers.  Investigators said that Spaar then sent the boys sexually explicit photos of a female and asked them to send photos and videos of themselves.

Deputies charged Spaar with four counts of child molestation, four counts of sexual exploitation of children and three counts of computer pornography.

Bottom-line tip from Chief Technology Mommy:

If your child has a Facebook page, they should never friend anyone on a social media outlet that they don’t know in “real life.”.  If the person is not currently interacting with your child and you don’t know their parents, it’s safe to say that your child has no business interacting with them on the Internet.  When you monitor your child’s social media activities, don’t forget to take a look at their friends list.  If you are not familiar with a friend, view their profile, and ask your child how they know the person.

Working to keep our children and teens safe on the Internet!


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